Monday, February 28, 2011

Chicken's bed

It's a sandwich ( or a burger -> You will see later ) filled with chicken
Same technique as the previous recipe ( Jungle Peanut ), we will do breaded chicken
( It's fine because I had still Chicken in my fridge so... nevermind. )

Ingredients :

Chicken fillet - Creme Fraiche - Slices of Cheese - Lettuce - Milk - Bread crumbs - Bread or Hamburger bun ( Choice is yours) - Oil - Hot sauce ( Chili or something hot like that )

Preparation :

Put a little milk on a plate, do same for Bread crumbs and Chicken fillet (Thoses three ingredients AREN'T on the same plate)
Take an empty plate and put it next to the plate with Bread crumbs if you want to do more than one sandwich
On the bread crumbs you can put different things, like parmesan cheese or curry or pepper be sure to mix it with the Bread crumbs before the steps

Steps :

1. Chop the Chicken fillet because it must fit the size of your Bread ( or Burger pan )
2. Heat the frying pan
3. Take your chicken fillet, soak it with milk on the two sides, then do the same with your Bread crumbs
4. Put Oil in the frying pan
5. While the Oil is heating, grill your Breads in the toaster
6. When the Oil is hot, Cook the Chicken fillet, while it's cooking, take your Toasts and spead on one, the Creme Fraiche, and on the other one, the Hot sauce.
7. Put the Lettuce on the toast with the Hot sauce, and Cheese on the other one ( with Creme Fraiche )
8. When your chicken is cooked on the two sides, put it between your Toasts

Presentation :

Put some Lettuce next to your sandwich and if you can do some french fries with it it should be perfect to show

Om nom nom.


  1. sounds good, but the picture is hard to see :(

  2. ugh. havent eaten this. im gonna plan ahead for this next time i shop

  3. Ah, reading that made me very hungry. I'll have to go pick up some chicken though, this looks good.

  4. Gonna have to try this when I get my own kitchen.

  5. now i have something to cook for the weekend, thanks

  6. awesome!!!! I can't thank you enough for posting a pic, thanks for the effort.

  7. Another good sounding recipe. Thanks!

  8. My stomach personally thanks you sir

  9. I love a good Creme Fraiche.

  10. I'm gonna try it too! Followed!